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Campfire Stories, Sure Start Calendar, UK
Lucky Stars; The Swimming Gala Wish. Pan Macmillan Children's Books.
Molly McNo. Heinemann US.
Snake Heart Drake and the Cut Throats. Heinemann US.
Things To Do With Mum. Buster Books.
Gardening Club. On Track, published by Schoeninghe, Germany.
Lucky Stars; The Birthday Wish. Pan Macmillan Children's books.
Josie Smith and the Big Fight with Eileen, Magdalen Nabb. Diogenes Verlag.
It's Great At Gran's. Unpublished.
Lucky Stars; Alex. Pan Macmillan Children's Books
Lucky Stars; The Christmas Wish. Pan Macmillan Childrens Books
Non Verbal Communication
Lucky Stars; Comet. Pan Macmillan's Children's Books.
Camping, from On Track, Published by Schoeninghe Germany.
Owl, From Withering Tights by Louise Rennison. UK Publisher HarperCollins
Eggs on Legs, by Jean Ure. Badger Learning, UK.
Josie Smith In Spring, Magdalen Nabb. Harper Collins Children's Books.
Yeti, From Nanny X. Us Publisher Holiday House
Eggs for Gram. Heinemann US.
Undercover Kids; The Trunk In The Attic. Exiting Read Publishing Group, USA.
Lucky Stars; The Birthday Wish. Pan Macmillan Children's Books.
Decorate You Furniture, from Things to Do With Mum, Buster Books
The undercover Kids; Mongolian Adventure. Exiting Read Publishing Group, US.
Hunky Dory, Jean Ure
Sibling Support
Poppy and Perry
Fame and Fortune. Macmillan Education, UK.
Extended Family Picnic at Brighton Beach. From "On Track", for Westermann Schoeningh Germany