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Sally Tomato, UK Publisher HarperCollins
TY Guides Maths, UK Publisher Hodder and Stoughton
Hospital Accident & Emergency Department. On Track, Schoeningh.
Family Breakfast, Lucky Stars, Macmillan Children's books
Lunchtime. Asian American family discuss new plans over their meal. Schoeningh Verlag
Lucky Stars - Deck chairs. UK Publisher Pan Macmillan.
UK Energy Campaign. Conversation Piece.
Care Information NHS Scotland 4
Victorian Terrace - Passionflower by Jean Ure, Uk Publisher Harper Collins Children's Books
Paratroopers 'Stick'. Royal Paratroopers Regiment Museum.
Josie Smith In Autumn, UK Publisher HarperCollins
Wise Old Owl, Withering Tights by Louise Rennison. UK publisher Harper Collins
Happy Christmas from Nanna
Coping with Midlife, for article timed with Mother's day
Mountain Activity Game, Published by Schoeningh
Shopping in Covent Carden, London. On Track, published by Schoeningh
How to Chat Someone up at a Funeral. UK pub. Blake
Rush Hour, Gone Missing, by Jean Ure. Harper Collins Children's Books UK
Elder Care - Generation Gap
Undercover Kids - Mongolian Adventure, US Publisher Exiting Read Publishing Group
Trivial Pursuits, Jean Ure. Published by Asahi Daily, Japan.
Lucky Stars - Breakfast. UK Publisher Pan Macmillan.
Care Information NHS Scotland 5
Christmas Stockings - Christmas card design
Care information NHS Sotland 2
Reading Emotional Reactions
Care Information NHS Scotland
Illustrated map of Wales, Published by Schoeningh.