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Grace Darling, Uk Publisher Ransom
American pioneer family, 19th century. US publisher Evan-Moor
Plague Doctors, from 'Now You Know About Caravaggio' published by Vorfeld
Armada - from On Track 3, published by Schoeningh, Westermann GmbH
Gethsemane, New Testament Stories. UK publisher Real Reads
A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens. Retold by G.Tavner, UK pub Real Reads
Romans v Celts. Cornelsen
The Old Curiosity Shop, Charles Dickens. UK publisher Real Reads
Henry VIII and the six wives. Published by Schoeningh, Westermann GmbH
Ex Service Women Returning from the front WW1, for Bath and Somerset Council
Great Expectations. Real Reads UK
Famous Lives - Joan of Arc. UK Publisher Usborne
Oliver Twist. Real Reads UK
New Testament Stories, Lake Gallilee. By Gill Tavner, UK Publisher Real Reads
A Christmas Carol. Collins Educational
Illustrated Map of Ancient Egypt, for Birmingham Museum UK, exhibition panel
WW1 Living Memories - Amputee veteran with daughter. Published by Bath and Somerset Council
Famous Lives - Joan of Arc. UK Publisher Usborne
The Old Curiosity Shop, Charles Dickens. UK Publisher Real Reads
Dickens Characters. Real Reads UK
From 'Christmas Carol', Charles Dickens. UK Publ Real Reads
Bedtime Stories, WW1. For Bath and Somerset Council publication
Little Dorrit, Charles Dickens, Retold by G Tavner. UK Publishers Real Reads
Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain. Extract published bt Schoeningh (Westermann GmbH)
Tin Hate and Telegraphs, Uk Publisher Spiderweb Musicals
Artist's studio, from Now You Know About Caravaggio, Published by Vorfeld
A Christmas Carol, Dickens. UK publisher Harper Collins
Famous Lives - Joan Of Arc. Uk Publisher Usborne
Famos Lives - Joan of Arc. UK publisher Usborne
Famous Lives - Florence Nightingale, Cover Illustration. UK Publisher Usborne.